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Table of contents:

Criteria in Car Insurance
Liability, partial and fully
Data required for the comparison
Cancel car insurance
The most important Terms

How do you find the right car insurance?

You can save money on car insurance. Whether you are buying a new car or changing your existing insurance. But in addition to the price, performance is also crucial. Is my liability car insurance good enough? Do I need fully comprehensive cover or is partially comprehensive cover enough? How do I find the cheapest and best rate?

Car insurance has many different criteria and components. On this page you will find all the information you need to find the perfect contract for you.

What criteria are important in car insurance?

What should be included in my car insurance? Which criteria can I do without? It's not easy to find your way through all the different car tariffs.

So that you know what your car insurance should be able to do, we have listed the 5 most important criteria that every car insurance policy should include.

Table of contents:

Amount of cover
Gross negligence
Marten bite
Accidents involving animals
Protection abroad

Sum covered by car insurance

Car insurance liability insurance is compulsory for anyone who owns a car. It insures all damage caused by a car to a third party. As damage can be very high, especially in the event of accidents involving a vehicle, it is important to insure a sufficiently high sum insured.

The statutory minimum sum insured for motor vehicle liability is €7.5 million for personal injury, €1.12 million for property damage and €50,000 for financial loss. However, it is advisable to insure a significantly higher sum insured. According to Stiftung Finanztest, the sum insured should be at least €100 million.

Expert tip: The sum insured for motor vehicle liability should be at least €100 million

Gross negligence in car insurance

Car insurance should also cover damage caused by gross negligence. Gross negligence is, for example, an accident caused by driving through a red light or causing an accident while talking on the phone. However, in such a case, the insurance company can make recourse claims.

This is even more extreme with partial and fully comprehensive cover. In the event of gross negligence, benefits may be denied altogether. Therefore, a waiver of defense for gross negligence should always be included in the contract. In this case, no recourse claims will be made and partial and fully comprehensive cover will also be provided.

However, this does not apply to damage caused under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Expert tip: The insurance company should waive the objection of gross negligence

Marten bites and consequential damage in car insurance

A defective cable in the engine compartment caused by a marten bite can have devastating consequences, including engine damage. For this reason, marten bites and consequential damage should be insured in comprehensive insurance.

The point of consequential damage is particularly important. This is because a defective cable often does not lead to damage immediately, but only over time. However, if no consequential damage is insured, the insurance would not pay out in such a case.

Expert tip: Car insurance should cover marten bites and consequential damage

Accidents involving animals in car insurance

Accidents involving animals and the resulting damage are also covered by comprehensive insurance. Here you should note that not only accidents with furred game are insured, but basically accidents with all animals.

So you can be sure that you will be reimbursed for damage to your own car in the event of an accident with an animal.

Expert tip: Not only accidents with furred game should be insured, but accidents with all animals

Car liability insurance cover abroad

Especially with rental cars abroad, there is often the problem of insufficient cover in motor vehicle liability insurance. This can lead to insufficient cover in the event of a claim. For this reason, you should also extend your insurance cover abroad.

With the so-called Mallorca policy, the sum insured for rental cars in other European countries is adjusted to the level of the German insurance. This ensures that you are adequately insured even when on vacation.

Expert tip: A Majorca policy protects against insufficient cover in other European countries

Car liability, partial or fully comprehensive cover

Car liability insurance is compulsory for everyone who owns a car. Partial or fully comprehensive cover, on the other hand, is optional. But what are the differences? Which type of insurance is the right one?

Here you will find all the information you need to decide whether third-party liability insurance is sufficient for you or whether you need partial or even fully comprehensive insurance.

Table of contents:

Car liability
Partial car insurance
Fully comprehensive car insurance
What is in which module?
Fully comprehensive or partially comprehensive?

Car liability

By law, everyone who owns a car must have car liability insurance. Otherwise you cannot even register your car. This means that third-party liability is not an option, but an obligation.

Motor vehicle liability insurance covers damage caused to a third party by your car, for example in an accident. It covers personal injury, property damage and financial loss.

Partial casco insurance

Partial casco insurance covers damage to your own car caused by storm, theft, damage caused by wild animals or falling rocks, for example. However, damage caused by accidents for which you are responsible is not covered. This can only be covered by fully comprehensive insurance.

Whether or not partially comprehensive insurance is worthwhile basically depends on whether you can afford to repair or replace the vehicle in the event of a claim. As a rule of thumb, you can say that partially comprehensive insurance is worthwhile for medium-aged vehicles up to a residual value of €4,000.

Partial casco insurance is a current value insurance. This means that in the event of a claim, you only receive what the car is still worth today.

Expert tip: If you take out partially comprehensive insurance, include an excess of at least €150. This drastically reduces the premium to be paid

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers all damage to your own vehicle. This includes damage that is also covered by partially comprehensive insurance and damage that is caused by you, for example in an accident.

Fully comprehensive insurance is recommended for a new or very young vehicle (approx. 3-5 years old). Fully comprehensive insurance is particularly suitable for a vehicle that is leased or financed with a loan.

The premium for fully comprehensive insurance depends largely on the no-claims bonus class. The lower the SF class, the lower the premium.

Expert tip: If you take out fully comprehensive insurance, include an excess of at least €300. This drastically reduces the premium to be paid

What does liability, partial and comprehensive cover include?

ConditionsLiabilityPartial coverFully comprehensive
Damage caused to a third party✔️✔️✔️
Rental car cover abroad✔️✔️✔️
Fire and explosion✔️✔️
Theft, robbery and embezzlement✔️✔️
Environmental damage✔️✔️
Deer damage✔️✔️
Damage caused by martens✔️✔️
Broken glass✔️✔️
Short-circuit damage to the cabling✔️✔️
Self-inflicted accident damage to your own vehicle✔️

Fully comprehensive or partially comprehensive insurance - which is the right one?

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What data is needed for a car insurance comparison?

To compare, change and apply for car insurance, you need a lot of different information. So that you have everything to hand, we have created an overview with all the information you need and, above all, where you can find it.

Table of contents:

Data for the car insurance comparison
Where is what in the vehicle registration document

What data is needed for a car insurance comparison?

AngabeWo zu finden
Official license plateVehicle registration document
Manufacturer number (4 digits)Vehicle registration document
Type code numberVehicle registration document
Date of first registrationVehicle registration document
Registration to the vehicle ownerVehicle registration document
Original new valuePurchase contract or Internet
Current valueOwn estimate, workshop or expert
Mileage per yearOwn estimate
Current mileageTachometer
Day of the driving testVehicle registration document
Vehicle previously insured withInsurance policy
Vehicle previously insured with sinceInsurance policy
Previous SF classInsurance policy

Where can I find what in the vehicle registration document?

Some of the data required for the vehicle comparison can be found in the vehicle registration certificate or vehicle registration document. In particular, these are the manufacturer type number (HSN), the type code number (TSN) and the date of first registration.

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Cancel your car insurance

You can easily cancel your car insurance by post or email. We have provided you with a termination template here. The notice of termination should include your name, address and policy number and be signed by you.

Important: Ask your insurance company to confirm receipt of the notice of termination and make sure you don't miss the notice period.

Table of contents:

Cancellation template
Notice period
Special right of terminationon

Cancellation template for car insurance

Car insurance in Germany (incl. calculator) (4)

Until when can I cancel and change my car insurance?

You can cancel your car insurance with one month's notice to the main due date. For most policies, the main due date is 01.01 of the year. This means that most consumers can cancel their car insurance by November 30. This means you have until 30.11.2023 to cancel your car insurance.









Special right of termination for:

  • Adjustment of the price
  • Vehicle change
  • Damage event

When do I have a special right of termination for car insurance?

If you want to change your car insurance but have missed the main due date, the only option left is special termination. A special right of termination exists if certain events occur. This is particularly the case in the event of a claim, an adjustment to the insurance premium or a change of vehicle.

In these cases, you have a special right of termination of the existing contract. As with a regular termination, you have a notice period of 4 weeks after the occurrence of the event and can then change your provider.

Car insurance contribution

The premium for car insurance is made up of many different factors. We show you how the premium is calculated and how you should structure your insurance to achieve the lowest possible premium.

Table of contents:

How the contribution is calculated
How to save money

How is the contribution for car insurance calculated?

There are many factors that influence how high the premium is. It is not possible to make general statements here. However, it can be said that the premium calculation is based on statistical values. The most important factors are:

  • Type class: The type class is determined individually for each vehicle model. A BMW 3 Series has a different type class than a Fiat 500.
  • Regional class: The regional class is derived from the vehicle owner's main place of residence. There are different claim frequencies depending on whether I live in Bremen or Munich, for example.
  • No-claims class: The no-claims class, or SF class for short, defines how many percentages an insurer gives me. If I have driven accident-free for a long time, my SF class increases. Novice drivers start with SF-1/2, but you can generally say "the higher the SF class, the lower the premium".
  • Scope of benefits: If I want a high level of insurance cover, then I often pay a higher price. These are, for example, "free choice of garage", "gross negligence" or a "cover letter".
  • Annual mileage: Those who drive more also pay more. This increases the probability of an accident, which is reflected in the premium.
  • Additional drivers: If several drivers are registered with the insurance company, this can increase the risk and the premium. Young drivers in particular have an increased accident risk, which is reflected in the price.
  • Parking at night: If my car is parked on the side of the road at night, the risk of vandalism or theft is higher than if it is parked in a garage.

How do I get cheap car insurance?

The most important key data can be found in the factors in the previous chapter. However, there are "tricks" to save costs, but you need to be aware of the possible consequences:

  • Exact mileage: Enter the exact annual mileage. If the distance traveled to work is significantly reduced, e.g. due to relocation, the existing contract should be adjusted.
  • Deductible: You can agree a higher excess if there is partial or fully comprehensive cover. This reduces the premium, but is annoying in the event of a claim.
  • Workshop commitment: If you choose a workshop commitment for your tariff, the insurance company will select a workshop. These are often partner garages. However, this also reduces the amount you pay.
  • Young drivers: If young drivers are also insured, this can significantly increase the premium. You may need to restrict the number of drivers.
  • Check whether fully comprehensive insurance is necessary for your car.
  • A direct insurer is often cheaper than a traditional insurer.
  • Compare your car insurance provider regularly.

The most important terms in car insurance

There are one or two technical terms that you should know. This will help you find a good and affordable insurance policy, register your vehicle and deal with claims.

Table of contents:

No-claims class
Workshop binding

EVB number

The eVB number is the electronic insurance confirmation. This is proof that you have motor vehicle liability insurance and is therefore necessary to register the vehicle at the registration office.

You can obtain the eVB number from your car insurance company. You can request it online or by telephone.

No-claims bonus

If you drive accident-free for a long time, you will be rewarded with a no-claims bonus in your car insurance. The amount of the discount is reflected in the no-claims bonus. The longer you have been accident-free, the higher the no-claims bonus.

Novice drivers start in SF (Schadenfreiheitsklasse) class 0 or, if they have already had a driving license for 3 years or more but have not yet insured a car, in SF class 1/2. In both classes you do not receive a discount, but pay a surcharge on the regular price.

With every accident-free year you move up in the SF classes and therefore the discount increases every year. However, if you cause an accident, you will be downgraded again in the SF classes and lose part of your discount.

In the case of minor damage, you should always consider whether it makes sense to have it covered by the insurance. The resulting lower SF class can lead to higher costs than the actual damage caused

Workshop commitment

In the event of a claim, the insured person undertakes to have their vehicle repaired at a partner garage named by the insurance company.

The major advantage of a garage commitment is the associated discount. The disadvantage, however, is that you cannot choose your own garage and are dependent on the specified partner garage.

Car insurance in Germany (incl. calculator) (2024)
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