Craigslist Yard Sales Redding Ca (2024)

1. redding garage & moving sales - craigslist

  • Yard Sale · Garage sale (redding) · Moving Sale $0 Redding · Garage Sale

  • redding garage & moving sales - craigslist

2. redding for sale "yard sales" - craigslist

  • Four Homes Hacienda Heights Yard Sales!!! ... 5/18·West Redding- off Teton Dr. & Starburst Dr. ... Huge Garage Sale - May 31st. ... 5/11·Anderson, 2998 Aster St.

  • redding for sale "yard sales" - craigslist

3. Garage Sale for sale in Redding, California | Facebook Marketplace

4. Garage Sales in Redding, California - Yard Sale Search

  • Find all the garage sales, yard sales, and estate sales on a map! Or place a free ad for your upcoming sale on

  • Find all the garage sales, yard sales, and estate sales on a map! Or place a free ad for your upcoming sale on

5. Craigslist - Yard/Garage Sales in Redding, CA -

  • Craigslist - Yard/Garage Sales in Redding, CA: Yard sale, 2863 Pacific Ave Redding CA, 686 Coronado St Redding CA, Yard Sale, video games christmas.

  • Craigslist - Garage sales. Any items, unique items for sale or for free in Redding, CA

6. eBay v. Craigslist v. Freecycle v. GotJunk (IMHO) - Oregon Home

7. 2024

  • 17 hours ago · Firewood for Sale/Yard Clean up, Tree Removal, Junk Hauled, Affordable. ... craigslist General For Sale for sale in Redding, CA. ... Sales - to test ...

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8. Yard Sale Search - Find or advertise garage sales for free!

  • Find all the garage sales, yard sales, and estate sales on a map! Or place a free ad for your upcoming sale on

  • Find all the garage sales, yard sales, and estate sales on a map! Or place a free ad for your upcoming sale on

9. 2024 Craigslist redding yard sales in redding

  • wayne garage moving sales craigslist loading reading writing saving searching refresh am pm several family members garage niles churn creek dates thursday ...

10. 2024 Craigslist westchester garage sales great $0.

  • 2024 Craigslist westchester garage sales great $0. 2024 ... redding diary wimpy books westchester county ... ︎ca furniture kitchen decor tools garage ...

11. 2024 Garage sales redding yardsalesearch.comFeatured owned

  • ... garage moving sales craigslist redding homes estate apartments condos townhomes coldwell banker realty brentwood ol' country estate listed anchor estate sales ...

Craigslist Yard Sales Redding Ca (2024)


Where is the best place to post a yard sale online? ›

Sites like, and—and their mobile apps—enable garage sale enthusiasts to browse sale listings and even map out a route of their favorites. You may also want to do a quick Facebook search to see if you have any active garage sale groups in your area.

What sales best at a yard sale? ›

Baby & kids clothing, toys, and gadgets sell super well as well as kitchen stuff (dishes, cookware, etc). Adult clothing can sell, but it's generally not as popular as kids clothing. If you don't have many of the best selling items, a garage sale might not be worth your time.

How do I get customers for my yard sale? ›

Don't overthink your garage sale marketing too much. Grab some blank posters and balloons from the dollar store. Post signs at both ends of your street and at nearby busy intersections where a driver can easily read them. If you want to advertise in the local paper or church bulletin, do it at least a week in advance.

Is it better to price things at a yard sale? ›

Although not everyone puts price tags on their garage sale merchandise, pricing your merchandise in advance will make the day of the sale less hectic for you. Additionally, it may make customers more likely to buy.

Is there an app to find local garage sales? ›

Yard Sale Treasure Map is an app for planning your treasure-hunting adventure. View your local yard sales in map or list format, view sale details and photos, get directions, and take advantage of advanced organizational and route planning features. List your sale in this app or at

How do I advertise my yard sale on social media? ›

A hashtag #yardsale is a must-do here! Wherever you post about your yard sale, just include all the details, including the yard sale's date, time, and location. Also, give your contact number so that people can reach out if they have any questions before coming.

What is the best month to have a yard sale? ›

Early spring (around late March, April, and May) is the most popular time for a garage sale. It's just after winter, when people are eager to head outdoors, and will give you time for some spring cleaning, so you'll know what items you want to sell.

How much cash should I have for a yard sale? ›

Many experienced sellers recommend having $100 in cash for your garage sale. Not only is this a good amount to get your sale started, but it also makes it easy to calculate your profit quickly.

How do I make my yard sale stand out? ›

Place signs at every entrance to your neighborhood, and include arrow signs at every turn. Don't clutter your signs by listing your address and everything you're selling because drivers won't be able to read it. A large, simple "Yard Sale" sign with the date and an arrow pointing the way works best.

What is the best time of day for a yard sale? ›

The best time to start is early morning, generally around 7 a.m., according to garage sale culture.

How can I make extra money at a yard sale? ›

Offer Profitable Extras

Whether you make them yourself or pick them up from Costco or Sam's Club, selling snacks and drinks during your garage or yard sale can take your final total over-the-top. It doesn't have to be fancy; cookies, snack bags of chips and bottled water will sell really well.

What is the best color for yard sale signs? ›

White lettering on a red background is a popular choice for yard sale signs, because red creates a sense of urgency, and the two colors contrast well for easy readability.

How to price clothing for garage sale? ›

Specific Garage Sale Pricing: How to Price Items for a Garage Sale
  1. T-shirts, tank tops, and basic tops: $1 – $5.
  2. Jeans, pants, and shorts: $3 – $10.
  3. Dresses and skirts: $5 – $15.
  4. Jackets and coats: $5 – $20.
  5. Shoes: $3 – $15.
  6. Accessories (hats, scarves, belts, etc. ): $1 – $5.
Dec 5, 2023

How to label items for garage sale? ›

If you do have a joint yard sale, use 2 in x 2 in Post-it® Super Sticky Notes to label each item with a price, making sure to assign each household a color. When an item is sold, remove the note and put it on a sheet of paper or in a notebook.

How can I post items for sale? ›

10 Best Websites to Sell Stuff Online
  1. Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is free (thanks, Zuck), and you can tap into your network of frugal friends to sell almost anything. ...
  2. Craigslist. Craigslist is the O.G. of resale. ...
  3. eBay. ...
  4. Etsy. ...
  5. Nextdoor. ...
  6. OfferUp. ...
  7. ThredUP. ...
  8. Decluttr.
Mar 5, 2024

Where is the largest yard sale? ›

The 127 Yard Sale is an annual event that takes place the first Thursday-Sunday in August each year. It's literally, The World's Longest Yard Sale! The route spans 6 states (Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama) and is 690 miles long.

How do I organize my yard sale? ›

How to Organize a Garage Sale
  1. Get Rid of Everything You Don't Need.
  2. Organize Your Items.
  3. Reorganize Your Garage.
  4. Create Lots of Signage.
  5. Online Advertising is Key.
  6. Create a Fun and Welcoming Atmosphere.
  7. Display Your Best Items.
  8. Place Price Tags on Your Items.
Aug 23, 2021

Where is the best place to post an estate sale? ›

Advertise your estate sale on one of the major estate sale advertising websites, like to get seen by millions of visitors in a short time. offers unlimited, big-sized photos because it's a fact more people attend an estate sales when they have seen photos of items beforehand.

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