Maytag Washer Code F5 - Troubleshooting guide - DIY Appliance Repairs, Home Repair Tips and Tricks (2024)

Codes on newer washing machines can be confusing as each means different things on different brands. Error code explanations can even vary from country to country. Now you see an F5 alert on your Maytag washer. What could that mean?

The Maytag washer code F5 is an alert that tells you the lid can’t lock. There could be some clothing or other obstruction in the lid preventing it from locking.

This is one of the simplest problems to fix. Read on to find out more.

How Do You Fix a Lid Lock Problem?

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The first thing to do is open your washer and see if there is a piece of clothing or other object preventing the lid from closing and locking.

The issue may not be obvious. It could be that the lock striker could be out of alignment. The striker is the part that presses down on the lid switch. It could be that a piece of lint or some washing machine soap built up in the system and is preventing the lid from locking. It could also be that the actuator motor is not working or has loose wiring.

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Maytag suggests you follow this procedure to check a front-load washer door lock.

  • If this occurs when the cycle just starts, you must remember the door will not lock for about 10 seconds after the cycle starts. This is completely normal.
  • The lock can be cleaned. It should be checked for soap and lint build up.
  • If the problem remains, cycle power to the washer. Unplug it for 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

An obvious obstruction may not be the only issue preventing the lid from locking. Customers find that small bits of dirt and sand brought in from their clothes can also be a problem for lid locks. You can’t always see these objects, but they can build up over time.

There are ways to clean out your locking mechanism without taking it a part, although you must be clever about doing it so you don’t break it in the process.

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One Customer’s Story

A customer said she got an F5 code while her Maytag washer was making a clicking sound and powering itself on and off. In this case, the lid lock light was flashing. She touched control buttons but nothing happened. It stops in a half-hour and then starts again with the next cycle.

She used an air compressor to blow out the lid lock and the beeping stopped. Using an air compressor to blow out the lid lock appeared to work.

She suspected that, since she lived in a sandy area, that sand and water may have gotten into the lid lock mechanism. Her other thought was that it was human and that could throw the machine into the error.

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Other Options

You can try a couple of quick fixes before calling a service technician to look at the lid switch or motor.

  • Try resetting the washer by unplugging it for 10 minutes. This may clear the code and end the problem, especially if you got all the obstructions out of the lid lock mechanism.
  • You can also press and hold the end of cycle button for 20 seconds and that should reset the washer and clear the codes.

The lid switch could present a problem over time. That is something you can fix youself cheaply if you have basic instructions and a few tools. Replacing a lid switch is just unhooking wires from one and attaching them to another. It doesn’t require any specific technical knowledge to do it.

Maytag Washer Code F5 - Troubleshooting guide - DIY Appliance Repairs, Home Repair Tips and Tricks (2)


How can I get into the diagnostic mode on my Maytag washer?

Your washer should be in stand-by mode with all indicators off but the power on.

Pick a button to press and hold for three seconds. Any button, except the power, start, stop buttons, work. Release it and then press it for three seconds again. Do it a third time.

Now, you are in the diagnostic testing mode. All the indicator lights will turn on and remain on for five seconds. You will also see an “88” on the display. If this doesn’t happen, repeat the process using a different button. Call a repairman if you can’t enter the testing mode.

Those machines where there have been error codes will now show them after you enter diagnostic mode. They will appear on the display. Write them down to give to your service technician, if needed.

The washer may display an “88” again. That means there are no errors. The machine will automatically start testing if there are no errors.

After testing is completed, press either the power or stop button to exit.

How do I drain my Maytag washer manually?

It’s simple to manually drain a Maytag washer, although it does involve some physical labor. You will need a bucket and towels.

Turn off the power and unplug the machine. Move it away from any walls. Turn off water connections as well.

Maytag Washer Code F5 - Troubleshooting guide - DIY Appliance Repairs, Home Repair Tips and Tricks (3)

Remove your laundry from the drum. Use a pitcher or bucket to dip out the water as much as possible. Once you’ve done all you can, go to the back of the machine and take the drain hose out of the drain and let the rest of the water flow into the bucket.

Mop up any mess with the towels.

Are Maytag washers still reliable?

Maytag washers set the standard for affordable appliances over decades. They have reliability along with a low price point that has made appliances available to average families. Most will last more than 20 years, while Consumer Reports state most washers have an average life span of 11 years.

How do you clear an error code from the Maytag washer display?

You can clear a code with a press or two of a button but, remember, that won’t fix the problem. The code will return if you don’t remedy the root issue.

Clear the codes by pressing the pause/cancel button twice and then pressing the power button one time.

You may want to unplug the washer for a solid minute if the code doesn’t go away with this method.

Plugging it back in should also reset it. A third solution is to remove the laundry from the drum and restart a clean wash cycle. That will also reset the washing machine.

Why Is it taking so long for my Maytag washer to complete a cycle?

A Maytag washer that is taking way above the normal time to complete a wash could have a load sense system that isn’t working or problems with its control panel. There could also be a problem with a water inlet valve, which draws water into the washer for each cycle.

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You can check the inlet valve on your own, clean the filter and even replace it. However, if the problem is with a load sense system, the control panel, or other components, you will need to call a service repair tech to fix it.

How long should a normal Maytag wash cycle take?

The average wash cycle set to standard washing on a Maytag machine is 41 minutes in total. That includes the wash, rinse and spin cycles. It could take longer because of water being restricted or hampered. That could be low-pressure flow or a clogged filter.


Some error codes on a Maytag washer arent’ complicated to figure out of fix. You shouldn’t panic when you see one. It is important to understand what each means and first do what you can to fix the problem before calling a service technician.

Those with older machines should also think about having your washer looked at every couple of years by a service technician to replace any worn belts or switches that are about to present a problem. Doing so will alleviate a lot of unexpected problems and keep your washing machine humming along.

Maytag Washer Code F5 - Troubleshooting guide - DIY Appliance Repairs, Home Repair Tips and Tricks (2024)
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