Palia Roadmap 2024: Update Schedule, Content & Details (2024)

Following a fantastic year for Palia, we look ahead in this roadmap to what's confirmed and give our predictions on what may arrive in 2024.

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  • Palia Roadmap 2024: Final Thoughts

Players have already started their 2024 in Palia with the return of the Maji Market and are enjoying the plethora of new content, features, adjustments, and improvements released. While many have been enjoying the festivities for the Luna New Year, we can't help but think about the future of Palia and what we may anticipate coming soon in-game.

As for what's to come to Palia in 2024, we know very little based on the information provided in January 2024's Developer Update. Likewise, there needs to be a clear indication of what content, features, improvements, adjustments, and bug fixes will be added and addressed, so what we'll explain below are unconfirmed reports and community discussions on what we can expect this year for Palia.

Disclaimer: The contents of this roadmap include content that's been confirmed by developer Singularity 6 in past Developer Update posts and included top community discussions and predictions of what may be arriving to Palia in 2024. Players are advised that some content, features, adjustments, and improvements have yet to be confirmed by the developer.

Palia Roadmap 2024: Winter 2023/24 Content Schedule & Details

Starting with Winter 2023/24, which runs from December 2023 to March 2024, which jointly started with the v0.174 and v0.175 patch updates in December 2023, Singularity 6 launched the game's second in-game event, the Winterlights Celebration, to celebrate the Holiday Season. This included a new Winterlights-themed quest, Winterlights Wonder, new housing customization items, themed Treasure Chests, and the Winterlights Tree and decor items.

Prepare the snowballs! ❄️ As a special Winterlights surprise, we’re bringing Patch 0.175 to you tomorrow, Dec. 8th. Downtime will begin @ 8AM PT while we release our next holiday-filled update! Here’s a quick look:

🍃 Temple of the Gales
🎄 More Winterlights Content
❄️ Snowball…

— Palia (@playPalia) December 8, 2023

The Asia-Pacific servers were also rolled out for Palia after European servers were released in the 0.171 patch update. New Premium Outfits, bundles, and Gliders were made available from the in-game Shop, new items were added to Zeki's Wondrous Machine, and further improvements for Controller Support were made.

Winterlights Snowballs were made available for players to obtain from the News tab, blueprints for the Emberborn set were released, and more languages were being supported, with some adjustments made for other languages. The Temple of the Gales was made available for players to access in the v0.175 patch update, which included a new questline, more rewards to claim, and four more vault bundles were unlocked, which players could receive the Young Silverwing Nest as a reward for completing all four bundles.

The Maji Market returned in the v0.176 patch update in January 2024, in which Villagers welcomed the new year as they celebrated the Luna New Year. Players can participate in various activities, including the returning Chapaa Chase and an all-new activity, the Hotpot Card Game. Stamp Cards were given a revamp with new tasks and rewards and a themed currency; LuckyEnvelopes can be earned by completing the quests and playing the activities available at the market.

Subira became a Romanceable character in this patch update, which players can unlock after finishing her Friendship questline. More housing customization options were made available, a new Cooking ingredient, Soy Sauce, was added, new recipes, gatherables (Wild Spring Onion and Ginger), and two new crops, Bok Choy and Napa Cabbage, can now be grown in gardens.

Star-Quality Starstones can be mined from rocks and nodes throughout Kilima Village and Bahari Bay, which can be placed as decorating items for their homes. Three new emotes arrived in time for the Maji Market, along with new Premium Outfits, a Glider, wall decor items that can be placed on the fireplace, and a separate pouch inventory for Quest items.

The next patch update, v0.177, arriving in late February or early March 2024, will be sorely centered on addressing major bugs hampering gameplay and progression on PC and Nintendo Switch. New content will be included in this specific update; however, there is no confirmation on what this may entail.

Palia Roadmap 2024: Spring 2024 Content Schedule & Details

Spring 2024, which occurs between March and June 2024, remains a mystery; however, according to the Developer Update in January 2024, the developer may be looking at addressing community-related topics. It's yet to be determined if these will be included in the v0.177 patch update; however, if not, players can expect new features and adjustments.

These features include shared resource nodes for mining, which could resolve ongoing issues at mining Palium Ore, which has become increasingly difficult for some players since it was patched. There will be some rebalancing of the game's economy, which players have been demanding for trading options like a marketplace to sell items to other players or the option to sell Furniture pieces they don't need and improvements to the Requests feature.

The developer also mentioned improvements and adjustments to player progression, which has the potential of allowing players to improve their character better or present more creative and rewarding options for players to progress in-game. What the "player progression flow" could be referencing hasn't been explained, which we'll have to speculate on for the time being until this is addressed.

Palia Roadmap 2024: Summer 2024 Content Schedule & Details

It's evident that Spring 2024 will focus entirely on addressing ongoing bugs and adding new features, adjustments, and improvements with new content sprinkled. As for the remainder of the year, we're now venturing into uncharted territory on what could be arriving to the game in the Summer of 2024.

For context, we'll discuss what we may see arriving to Palia based on community discussions, so we advise caution as these topics should be taken with a grain of salt. The Summer months of 2024 (between June and September) may long-last introduce the next area, the Elderwoods, which has been referenced by many Villagers, including Jina, Kenyatta, and Sifuu, as many players have wanted a new playable region for some time.

Pushing its release to mid-2024 is a fair estimation, as this location has plenty of ties to multiple Villagers and can be treated as a massive expansion for the game. This has the potential of seeing multiple new questlines available, the potential of new creatures, resources, and nodes being added, and a new Skill relating to Alchemy or Apothecary.

The explanation behind pushing the launch of the Elderwoods map to mid-2024 allows the developer to focus on addressing bug fixes and adding more imporvements and adjustments to current features in Spring 2024, which, according to the January 2024 Developer Update, is their main priority for the following few patch updates with a few content drops in between.

This also gives them time to continue working on the Elderwoods map and add new features and content, as expanding it in subsequent updates is a plausible theory. Another possibility regarding in-game areas is expanding Bahari Bay by adding more resources and biomes or, at the very least, expanding them to make foraging, mining, and bug catching more vital to progressing Skills; however, this may potentially be added for the Elderwoods, but some improvements and adjustments for Bahari Bay could be a worthwhile addition.

Palia Roadmap 2024: Autumn/Fall 2024 Content Schedule & Details

Since the Elderwoods may be the focus for Summer 2024, another potential area that may be added to Palia in 2024 is Harvest Meadows, a village south of Kilima Village. Based on dialogue from Badruu and Nai'o, Harvest Meadows appears to be a farming-centric village whose map could be on a scale similar to Kilima Village or slightly larger.

Harvest Meadows feels like an appropriate area to add in the Fall season as harvest season traditionally occurs in the Fall. With Harvest Meadows seemingly geared towards farming, this would be an ideal time to open the gates to this area with related content and features to complement its arrival in Palia.

This village holds baking competitions that Delaila attends, as she has mentioned a pie competition which she lost to a rival, Maize Martingale, who could be a possible Villager for this area, with new Friendship quests added. Another new Skill may be added to Palia with the release of Harvest Meadows, animal husbandry, which is an agriculture branch centered on raising farm animals or livestock for resources like meat, milk, leather, fur, and more, which Riffrocs could be added to one of the key livestock.

This may also introduce herding these animals for their Housing Plot, along with new building Add-ons like stables, barns, silos, milk parlors, and coops. There could be a possibility of a new House to acquire the farmhouse, as currently, players can purchase the Harvest House from City Hall.

As we've mentioned Riffrocs possibly coming to Palia, we may see a variety of new creatures, which, in this case, farming livestock to bring to their Housing Plot, and while the subject of pets has been placed on hold, bringing dogs or Plumehounds could be a great addition as the developer has held off adding pets momentarily.

If Harvest Meadows releases in 2024, the pie competition may be an in-game event akin to the Maji Market, which the developer has been looking to add more in-game events in Palia. Farming and herding activities could be at play, along with the pie competition with plenty of rewards to claim and themed quests for players to explore during this event.

Palia Roadmap 2024: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it's hard to predict what players can expect from Singularity 6 in 2024 and what we may see arrive in-game. Nevertheless, based on community discussions online, players are looking to see an overhaul of Bahari Bay, adding new areas (i.e., the Elderwoods and Harvest Meadows), more events, new Skills (Apothecary and Animal Husbandry), more questlines and events which may introduce new Villagers with Friendship and Romance options.

New biomes are likely to be added with the new areas, and as such, we may see new creatures, pets, and Housing customization options with improvements to the Inventory system, Focus, and Flow. While we didn't mention this previously, the final temple will be available sometime this year, so do expect new vault bundles to be unlocked as we can learn what's behind the vault, and let's not forget the game will be coming to Steam in 2024.

Palia is currently available viathe Epic Games Storeand in Open Beta for PC, as players can installthe game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is now available to download forNintendo Switchas of 14th December 2023.

Palia Roadmap 2024: Update Schedule, Content & Details (2024)


Is Palia still being developed? ›

Palia is being developed by Los Angeles-based studio Singularity 6 and was announced on June 3, 2021. An open beta for Windows was made available on August 10, 2023. A Nintendo Switch version was released on December 14, 2023. It released on digital storefront Steam on March 25, 2024.

How to get palia on pc? ›

PC/Palia Launcher

Use the email and password that you created during account registration. After you successfully logged in, there should be a tab that says "Download Game". Click that tab, then hit the "Download" button. Note: For Closed Beta, only invited players will have the Download button on this page.

What platform is Palia on? ›

Palia will initially be available for Windows PC. A Nintendo Switch release will follow in the holiday season of 2023.

What type of game is Palia? ›

Palia is a massively-multiplayer community simulation game set in a brand new high fantasy world with elements of open world adventure games, inspired by Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. It's a cozy and welcoming world for fans of the community sim genre.

Will Palia be expanded? ›

Palia is a big world with extremely diverse locales we're excited to take players to over time. At launch only a small portion of that world will be accessible, but we plan to continuously expand the playable space over time.

What engine is Palia using? ›

Palia's backend services run inside an EKS cluster, including the game servers powered by Unreal Engine.

How many people are playing Palia? ›

MonthAvg. PlayersPeak Players
Last 30 Days7,987.912,395
May 20246,493.010,953
April 20246,185.111,835

Will Palia reset after beta? ›

Beta marks the true beginning of your cozy life in Palia. Prior to Beta, account progression was wiped for each playtest. Now, your progress will continue from Closed Beta, Open Beta, and beyond.

Is Palia going to be free? ›

Being a free-to-play game, Palia comes with micro-transactions.

Will Palia come to console? ›

Palia launches today on Nintendo Switch! You all can now experience the pick-up-and-play adventure in true cross-platform and cross-progression style across PC and Nintendo Switch. We encourage all Palians to glide over to the Nintendo eShop and download Palia for free today! And we'll make it worth your while.

Will Palia come to Steam? ›

Palia launches on Steam on March 25, 2024.

How much does Palia cost on PC? ›

Palia is completely free to play.

Can you play Palia by yourself? ›

Play solo or jump in with friends at any time to play at your own pace.

Does Palia have character customization? ›

Character Customization is the way to create your avatar in Palia.

Why is Palia popular? ›

Cozy games have grown in popularity, and life simulators have gone from a rare treat to a much more populated genre. Palia, an upcoming game from Singularity Six, is a cheerful cottagecore MMO that takes a few comfy, chill gameplay loops and combines them into a delightful package.

Who is the developer of Palia? ›

Why is Palia not working on Nintendo Switch? ›

Ensure that your internet connection is stable and meets the recommended speed requirements for Palia. Select System Setting from the Home Screen of your Nintendo Switch. Scroll down and select Internet. Select Test Connection on the right pane to run the speed test.

Is Palia offline? ›

It's an online service game despite using the single player tag. Well, you can only play online but you do not need other players to play the game.

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