The Truth About That Vegan Teacher (2024)

That Vegan Teacher is a wildly popular social media sensation.

Miss Kadie, or that vegan teacher, is an elementary school teacher turned animal rights activist. And she’s very successful at that.

That vegan teacher has more than 685,000 followers and has turned into a TikTok sensation. But…

… Miss Kadie has a little secret that only few people know.

So in this post, you’ll learn the TRUTH about that vegan teacher. We’re looking in depth at ‘That Vegan Teacher’ together and see, what is going on behind the scenes.

We’ll be exploring questions such as:

  • Why is the vegan teacher crazy? (or why is she perceived as such?)
  • Why is the vegan teacher vegan?
  • What is the vegan teacher’s social media channels? Aka vegan teacher’s Youtube channel

So are you ready? Let’s just dive right into it.

First of all, I’m vegan myself. I think every person that puts themselves out on a regular basis and is looking to make a difference in the life of animals and other people – is awesome.

But, but..

There’s a scope to how effective that online activism is.

The Effectiveness Of Vegan Activism

The activism that we’re doing offline and online can be super effective. Or it can be non-effective and even counterproductive.

In general, I’d say vegan activists are anywhere in the middle of the scope. Sexy Vegan, the weird guy from Dr. Phil, is definitely at the counterproductive end of the scope.

And people like Lewis Hamilton, Joaquin Phoenix and people starring in the Game Changers are at the end of the effectiveness scope.

So let’s take a look at where That Vegan Teacher lies.

See, what defines the effectiveness of the person’s activism? What defines the effectiveness of ‘That Vegan Teacher’s activism?

There are a few things involved.

1. Reach

So how many meat eaters are you reaching on a daily basis?

Obviously you’re more effective as a vegan activism the more people you reach. But reach is really a double edged sword.

A lot of influencers reach a lot of people because of their competency. Think:

  • Dr. Michael Greger (Read an astonishing article about him here:
  • Lewis Hamilton.
  • Earthling Ed.

And some influencers reach a lot of people because they’re weird.

While the Vegan Teacher reaches 100s of thousands of people per day (vegan teacher youtube channel has over 204,000 subscribers after all) – she still falls in the ladder category.

Now that wouldn’t be a bad thing IF:

The influencer is AWARE of their strategy.

2. Social Skills/ Awareness Of A Vegan Animal Rights Activist

Think Vegan Gains. Vegan Gains reached a LOT of people in the beginning of his Youtube work simply by being absolutely EXTREME.

But what few people realize is that there was a genius to the madness.

Vegan Gains usually started his video slow but in the last minute of the video he went absolutely crazy. Which makes you come back to his channel for more.

It’s the same strategy the makers of Game of Thrones used. Slow start to the episodes but really crazy and traumatizing ends.

That Vegan Teacher, while certainly an intelligent lady, does not seem to be a marketing genius. Now she could be, which would change everything.

But as of right now, it simply seems that she’s putting herself out there because she’s super enthusiastic about the vegan message.

Now that’s great, but we should not forget human psychology (and here’s where the little secret comes in):

3. Human Psychology

  • Lewis Hamilton is super effective in his activism because he’s a person people want to be like. He’s attractive, he’s successful, he’s cool and he has the necessary communication skills to convey his message.
  • Joaquin Phoenix is super effective in his activism because he’s a person people want to be like. He’s attractive, he’s successful, he’s cool and he has the necessary communication skills to convey his message.

Game Changers is a documentary that was super successful, because every single person featured in the movie is, you guess what:

Attractive, successful, cool and a great communicator.

That’s important because preaching veganism is not easy. In fact most people absolutely despise changing their behavior even if it has positive repercussions.

Because change is scary. And there’s comfort in the old and familiar.

So you can use all the rational arguments that you want, but if you’re not walking the walk and talking the talk, your activism is literally only half as effective.

So conclusion..

.. what is the truth about that vegan teacher?

The truth is, that reach alone is a necessary ingredient for doing effective vegan activism. But it is not enough to actively change people for the better.

The little, dark secret of ‘That Vegan Teacher’ is that her online efforts are largely misdirected.

Don’t get me wrong: Her rational arguments are spot on and I agree with most of what she’s saying, but rationality has never changed people.

Now I don’t think she’s actually hurting the vegan movement, but she’s unfortunately also not really doing it any good.

The Truth About That Vegan Teacher (2024)


Is that vegan teacher real? ›

Kadie Karen Diekmeyer (born September 24, 1964), popularly known as That Vegan Teacher, is a Canadian animal rights activist, internet personality and former educator, mainly known for promoting veganism.

Does that vegan teacher have a kid? ›

According to this news article from 1999, Diekmeyer actually has three kids. “A part-time nurse at the Lakeshore General Hospital and a busy homemaker and mother — her three kids range in age from 6 to 9 — she never played guitar until she picked one up two years ago,” the article states.

How many people follow the vegan teacher? ›

That Vegan Teacher had garnered a staggering 1.6 million followers on TikTok before she was banned.

Is That Vegan Teacher on TikTok? ›

That Vegan Teacher Miss Kadie (@musicbythatveganteacher) | TikTok.

What percentage of people stop being vegan? ›

In 2014 Faunalytics (formerly Humane Research Council), an organization that conducts research to support animal welfare, discovered that 84% of the 11,000 vegans and vegetarians in their study pretty quickly reverted back to their omnivorous ways.

What percentage of the world eats vegan? ›

Another 74% of manufacturers said that consumers prefer plant-based products, due to health reasons. Even though only 1% of the world population identifies themselves as vegans, these studies are a proof that veganism is soon going to be a popular lifestyle globally. The number of vegans differs by region.

How many people stick to a vegan diet? ›

Vegans and vegetarians

This does not include the number of pescetarians, who add fish to an otherwise vegetarian diet. About four percent of the U.S. population follows a vegan diet. It is noteworthy that the number of vegans is so small, that surveys have a hard time clearly showing how many vegans there are.

How many more people are becoming vegan? ›

In 2022, there were one million vegans recorded in the UK - this accounts for almost 1.5% of the UK's population. The number of vegans worldwide in 2023 was approximately 88 million, which is around 1.1% of the world's population. Over the past five years, the search term 'veganism' has increased by 580% on Google.

How many students are vegan? ›

Veganism is popular among students, with 4.1% saying they are already vegan - more than double that of the general population - and a further 10% reporting that they plan to adopt a vegan diet soon.

What is that vegan teacher on Instagram? ›

That Vegan Teacher (@thatvegantaecher) • Instagram photos and videos.

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